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Our payment gateway is the official service provider of international payment systems. We connect online payments by bank cards to websites and mobile applications on most favorable terms
Responsivie payment page
We can feature your logo and link the page of your own design. There is also a multilingual interface and optimization for correct display in all modern browsers.
Full transaction management
We provide acceptance of payments in various world currencies. We support blocking, debiting, cancellations and multiple refunds.
Acceptance of payments without switching to the authorization page
You can display the payment form in iFram or in a separate pop-up window. For projects that comply with PCI DSS, it is possible to enter and store card data completely on their side.
Recurring and Tokenisation
We allow repeated payments with only CVV confirmation without the need to enter full bank card details.
Recurrent payments
We provide an option to automatically debit funds from the payer's card on a regular basis.
Antifraud solutions
Real-time monitoring and heuristic analysis of transactions effectively prevents fraud.
Personal Account
It is possible to see payments in different cuts, confirm and cancel transactions, carry out full or partial refunds and provide access to your personal account to other users.
Ready modules for CMS, intuitive API, as well as SDK for iOS and Android for integration into mobile applications.
Payment security
We provide a high level of reliability and fault tolerance for payment transactions around the clock. We hold a PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1 security certificate.
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